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Santa Fe Window Cleaning Tips

Let's talk about your windows. Dirty ones can seriously dull your home's sparkle, both inside and out. But don't worry, here are some handy Santa Fe window cleaning tips to help keep your window glass shining.

Keeping your windows clean not only adds to your home's charm, but also guards the glass against weather damage. Plus, it keeps things crystal clear for years to come. Ready to keep your windows free from dirt, smears, and streaks? Let's dive in!

First off, clean your windows as often as you can. Don't forget those sneaky edges and nooks where dust loves to settle. Regular cleaning keeps the grime from piling up.

Ever think about your window screens? They're pretty important. They keep all the dirt, bugs, and pollen from messing up your glass. After a rain, clean screens mean clean windows, no blotches!

Now, let's talk about a neat two-step process to keep your windows spotless for longer. Kick things off by sweeping away the loose dust and dirt with a dry cloth or towel. Then, bring out your wet window cleaner. The pros use special glass cleaning solutions, some even come with rain repellent! This can extend the time between cleanings. After spraying, grab a squeegee, mop, or towel to dry the window. You don't want any drips drying on the glass.

Here's a bonus. Regularly cleaning your windows can help save energy and lower your bills. It's also a win for the environment. But there's more!

Ever think about the birds? Normal window screens can be invisible to them, leading to unfortunate collisions. By adding bird-friendly screens and guards, you can protect your windows and wildlife. Options include decals, UV-reflecting glass tapes, or liquid treatments. They're budget-friendly, humane, and won't dull your view from inside. Plus, they cut down on the chances of a broken window

What to do If You're Not Into Cleaning Windows

Call the window cleaning pros at Pro Clear Solutions. The company has the team, expertise and equipment to clean your windows and get them sparkling like new. Give the company a call at 505-570-5511 to schedule an appointment.

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