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Clean Windows Improves Energy Efficiency – Here’s How

Have you ever stopped to ponder about the benefits of squeaky clean windows? No - Seriously?

Clean windows don't just help your home or office look all shiny. They can also improve your building's energy efficiency. Yep, you heard that right! Maintaining a routine cleaning schedule for your windows might turn out to be a smart long-term investment in your place.

Doesn't matter whether you're living in a place where rain is a constant visitor, turning your windows into a puddle painting, or battling some mean dust storms. The verdict remains the same: window cleaning is crucial.

Let There Be More Sun

One of the cool perks of having clean windows is getting more sunlight. This could be a total game-changer during winter.

Why? Because cozy sunlight helps add more energy to your place. Banishing those grime marks from your glass panes not only gives you a clearer view, but also floods your living area with a higher-quality light. Imagine this: dirt on a window could act like a tiny mirror, reflecting and bending sunlight away. That's sunlight you could be using to heat up your home!

Care for Your Window

Now, here's a fun science fact for you. Some whiz-kid engineers out there have designed energy-efficient windows coated in a special film. This reduces the window's ability to transfer heat.

To put in simpler words, it means it stops heat from escaping through your window when it's chilly outside, and blocking some heat from coming in when it's too hot. It's estimated that heat loss through windows can be responsible for up to 30% of the total heat loss in homes!

But hang on, there's a catch here. This special film isn't invincible. Over time, dirt and debris can damage this film. Once the film starts getting damaged, it can't do its job effectively. This could lead to an increase in your energy bills, both during summer and winter. Not good, right?

Meet Your Cleaning Heroes in Santa Fe

Call our team at Pro Clear Solutions. We're not just cleaning folks.

We're your local cleaning superheroes, proudly sporting a 5-star rating on Google. Throughout our business, we uphold honesty and trust. That's how we've earned the hearts of our customers.

Want to learn more about our window cleaning, gutter cleaning and wall washing services? We're just a quick call away! Reach us on 505-570-5511. We offer our services all over Santa Fe, NM, and Los Alamos, NM.

We'd be thrilled to help keep your place energy-efficient, bright, and clean!


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